Chapter 412

Anne glanced at the imposing Anthony and said, "I'm aware…of this." "You knew?" Bianca was shocked. "Yes. My mom told me…" "So, I didn't wrongly accuse your mom!" Bianca was furious, almost unable to restrain herself. She originally wanted to bring out the evidence before acting angry, but there was no need for that anymore. Since Bianca's anger was justified, she did not need to mind her attitude in front of Anne. "Your mom sure is something else. She even told you about this shameless matter! It's obvious that she has no more self-respect. I wouldn't be able to do it if it were me," Bianca said sternly. Then, she turned to Anthony, putting on an upset and aggrieved expression. "Anthony, you heard that. Anne's mom really did such a thing. I'm sure she seduced my dad, and I can't imagine how she usually brings Anne up. I didn't even dare to tell my mom about this for fear that she would be triggered. If I don't punish them, I'm afraid they'll do it again in the future. I don't

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