Chapter 446

Lucas squeezed her face lightly with doting eyes and then turned around to get into the car. Anne's face was burning. She watched Lucas's car leave. She would not tell Lucas what happened last night. Anyway, it was nothing, so why talk about it? Anne went upstairs in a good mood, took her bag and mobile phone, and went to work. Friday was coming soon. Nigel called and said, "Be casual, don't be nervous." "Dad, I'm not nervous. It's just a meal." Anne laughed. Nigel was a little embarrassed when her daughter saw through him. "I can't bear to..." He was unwilling to let her daughter go so quickly. They had only known each other for such little time! However, there was no other way. This was her only choice, to avoid Anthony and get rid of him. Anne could understand his mood. "It's okay, Dad, we are all in Luton anyway. I can see you anytime you want. Besides, it's just a meal. We're not married yet..." "We'll see what the Newmans say then," Nigel reluctantly s

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