Chapter 447

"What's that smell?" Anne asked. The driver did not answer. In the rear-view mirror, the driver's eyes looked very unkind. Anne hurriedly covered her mouth and nose, but it was too late. Her vision began to blur. Then she fell into the seat. The phone in her hand slid down, the unedited text message was still on the screen, and then the screen turned black. "I'm sorry, I have a very important dinner today. I'll be the host next time." Lucas left in a hurry after greeting the leader. While driving, he called Anne. Unexpectedly, she did not answer. Presumably, she had arrived at the hotel. He called the driver, but the driver did not answer the phone either. Lucas hurried to the hotel. When he got to the hotel, the two families were chatting. When Lucas saw Nigel, he stepped forward to say hello and nodded politely to Dorothy and Bianca. Then he noticed that Anne was not there. "Where's Anne?" "I just wanted to ask, didn't she come with you?" Nigel said.

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