Chapter 495

Anne smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Did you miss me?" The look in his eyes darkened dangerously. "I miss your body." "Don't…the doors here cannot be locked, so someone might come inside..." "They won't." "Just control yourself. I still need to head out tomorrow..." "Shut up." He sealed her lips eagerly. Anne did not fight him and allowed him to do whatever he wanted. Luckily, he did stop eventually and fell asleep with his arm over her waist. Finally able to catch a break, Anne could not go back to sleep and so, she stared confusedly at Anthony's face in the darkness. She knew better than to attempt at guessing what Anthony was thinking, because she was merely his puppet. She drifted off to sleep shortly after and by the time she woke up, Anthony was gone. The nurse Nigel hired was still in Sarah's room and she informed Anne that Sarah did not show any sign of regaining consciousness. Anne felt much calmer compared to before as she was ready to wait for as lon

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