Chapter 496

Anne fell onto Anthony's lap and mumbled, "I'm tired so just wake me up when we are there." "..." Anthony remained quiet. Anne was impressed by herself to be able to fall asleep on a helicopter. It was likely because she did not sleep well the night before. Though Anthony did not go too far, it had still taken a toll on her body. The helicopter stopped on the top floor of the Archduke Group, where there was a gigantic 'H' sign. Anne went down by the elevator and as soon as the elevator door opened, she saw Bianca getting out of a car at the entrance and jolted. She immediately pressed on the elevator button and the elevator ascended to the floor above. She sighed a long breath of relief. She had just threatened Bianca into borrowing her fifty thousand and Bianca would never forgive her if she found out that Anne was still involved with Anthony. On her way back, Anne kept thinking about the car accident in Santa Nila and the person who was behind it. She did not think it was Anth

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