Chapter 527

Nigel was thinking of the same thing, but for the time being, there seemed to be no way to resolve it. "Nigel, if this were to go on, Anthony would cause Anne to die one day!" Sarah just could not calm down when she heard that Anne and Anthony were involved with each other. That was no man. He was the devil! "Anthony has already become much more restrained than before. At the very least, he's able to listen to what I say now." Nigel thought that he held a much higher position than Ron. "Also, you can't blame Anthony this time. In fact, when you were in a coma, Anne was practically taking care of you the whole time. She only got into the accident two days before you woke up. She only met the accident when she was returning in Anthony's helicopter." "What? Anne came to Santa Nila? She had been taking care of me?" Sarah was shocked. "Wasn't Anne not allowed to leave Luton? No, he certainly had some goal in mind. Nigel, you don't know Anthony. He is revengeful, unpredictable, heartless

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