Chapter 528

"You can't enter." "I simply want to enter today. Kill me then!" The bodyguards dutifully stood in front of her door and refused to let her enter. "Can't you hear what I said? Are you guys deaf? Do you believe that I'll call the police!" Sarah threatened them, but they remained motionless. She knew that this trick would not work, so she used her might and main to rush forward. "Let me in! Let me go in!" Anne, who was leaning against the headboard and was about to doze off, was woken up by the commotion outside. Was that not her mother's voice? Why would her mother be here? Anne wanted to move, but she could not even do any big movements, let alone get out of bed. The argument outside got more and more aggressive. Without a choice, Anne was afraid that Sarah would get hurt so she grabbed the cup on the table and smashed it on the ground as hard as she could. That loud smash stunned Sarah and the bodyguards outside. Sarah took the chance and ran into the ward. As soon as she en

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