Chapter 529

"Yes, she's here." "As expected…I'm going over now." "Oh." Anne hung up the call and looked at Sarah, who was looking back at her while packing up. "Mom, I still can't leave now." "You must leave! Anthony will kill you sooner or later!" "Actually, the incident this time is not caused by him," said Anne. Sarah put the clothes in her hands down and rushed to the bed. "If he hadn't gotten me to this godforsaken place, would I have met with a car accident? If I hadn't been in a car accident, would you need to take the helicopter to come and see me? If you didn't need to board the helicopter, would this happen to you? Aren't all these caused by him?" Anne was at a loss for words. Anthony was indeed the culprit. If it were not for him, she and her mother would not have ended up in this current state. However, all of the mishaps in their lives have always been caused by Anthony. They absolutely did not know how to deal with him at all. If they were to resist him at the moment, they

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