Chapter 54

"Anne." Sarah held Anne's hand. Anne saw her aunt's sad expression. "Although I married into the Marwood family and lived a life that everyone envies, I had to pay a price behind the scenes. I promised not to have children for the rest of my life." Anne had never understood why her aunt and uncle-in-law had been together for so many years without having a child. It turned out there was something going on. "So, Anne, stay? I know you've thought of a way to leave. Don't leave, accompany me, okay? If you leave, I really won't have any relatives." Anne was in a dilemma and said, "Aunt Sarah, I... I have no choice, but I’ll come back again when Anthony stops torturing me, okay?" Anne had no choice since she had children. If she did not have children, she would be willing to accompany her aunt... "I know I shouldn't beg you. It's all because of me..." Sarah felt guilty. "Aunt Sarah, it's not your fault. It's not..." Anne denied. Who would have known that Anthony would be so terrifyi

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