Chapter 55

"You still don't trust me?" Tommy's gentle voice came. Anne trusted him. He had always been helping her. Now that Tommy had everything ready, she also had to discuss countermeasures with her mother. She did not go to see the children for the past two days because she was afraid of being discovered at the eleventh hour. Everything was coordinated on the phone. They arranged for her to leave at night and the flight would leave after midnight. At eleven o'clock, Anne was neatly dressed and only carried a bag in her hand, with nothing else. The tracked mobile phone was left at home. She went down the emergency stairs and walked to the back door of the apartment. Seeing the car that Tommy was waiting for, she ran over excitedly. Tommy helped her open the car door. Anne got into the car without saying much. They drove away in the Porsche all the way to the airport. "Don't be nervous." Tommy comforted her. Anne tried to relax herself with a stiff smile on her face. "I ran away on

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