Chapter 569

From being in touch with the children until today, he also understood their temperament and personality. Charlie was a little more aggressive, Chris was relatively stable, and Chloe was lively. The three of them had good logical thinking. They were indeed his children. "Chloe, do you want Papa to feed you?" Anthony offered, very unfamiliar with saying things like this. Chloe shook her head. Her big eyes were adorable. "I can feed myself!" Anthony, who was rejected, silently continued to have his meal. Hayden, who was not too far from them, was wearing a smile on his face. He did not expect Mr. Marwood to be in such a situation too. "Papa, I would like to call Mama. Why did Mama not call us? I know it. It is because Mama did not know that we were here! She could not contact us and, therefore, could not reach us. Mama will be concerned," Charlie said. "Poor Mama!" Chloe said. "Can we make a call?" Chris asked. Poor? He did not think so! He wanted her to have a tast

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