Chapter 570

The corridor outside was as quiet as a dead alley. Anne was already yawning. Half awake, she could faintly hear some footsteps outside of the door. Anne immediately pretended to be sleeping. The door was pushed open, and someone walked to the side of the bed. At that moment, Anne knew that it was not Anthony. The atmosphere did not feel the same. That must be Kathryn, then. She was checking her situation. She found that Anne did not have much problem and then left. Anne opened her eyes and flipped her blanket open, feeling flustered. Anthony would not be waiting for her to sleep and then only show up, would he? No way! She knew that things would be complicated if she did not address them soon enough. The longer she dragged this, the worse it would be for her. Anne left the bed and put on her clothes, preparing to leave the ward. She wanted to go to the Royal Mansion herself to take a look. He would probably be at the Royal Mansion. Even if she only got to s

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