Chapter 950

"I want you even more," Anthony said, his hot breath spraying on Anne's small mouth. She felt a little itchy, and before she could lick her lips, he kissed her. Her long eyelashes trembled like the wings of a butterfly. Her face turned even redder. Anne thought to herself, 'I wonder if I'll have to do what I did in the bathroom last night again?' However, she was wrong and just slept normally at night without doing anything. Even so, she was very satisfied just being hugged by Anthony. She thought to herself, 'It would be great if I could go on like this with Anthony for the rest of my life.' The next day, Anne went to the company. At around ten o'clock, the office door was pushed open, and Bianca walked in in heels and dressed to the nines. "You don't even remember that I used to come in and out of the company often? Even if you forgot, you should have heard about it from the people in the company," Bianca said, sitting down on the sofa and looking contemptuously at A

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