Chapter 951

Anne said, "It's not decided yet. Let's see what the manager wants to eat." "Call me when you're done eating," said Anthony. "Okay, got it," Anne replied, hanging up the phone and breathing a sigh of relief. She thought to herself, 'Why do I have to answer so many questions just for a meal? It's making me so nervous.' 'If Anthony knew that I was eating with Bianca privately, would he be angry?' Anne decided just to have the meal and then figure out the situation. She could not just rely on other people. After making the phone call, Anne went into the restaurant where Bianca was already sitting, looking at the menu. "Are you done? Did Anthony say anything?" Bianca asked. "No, nothing," Anne replied. "That's good, I was still worried that he wouldn't allow it," Bianca said, looking at Anne's quiet face. "We did argue about Anthony before, but no matter what, we are sisters, though not by blood." "We used to have a good relationship?" Anne asked. "Of course. Being ha

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