Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 105 Extremely Uneasy

Chapter 105 Extremely Uneasy

After Irene left the hospital, she immediately returned to the Cook family. She packed her luggage and went straight to the airport. Edric must be dreaming if he thought that she would be obedient and submit to him! She gave in the previous night merely for the sperms. If it weren't for Eden, she would not even pretend to follow his instruction and sign that stupid contract. In the past few years with Edric, she had learned a lot about him. He could have an affair with another lady just to have a child. But, he would never be shameless enough to announce the affair. She had been back for some time and she missed Eden very much. Although Nathan would report to her about Eden's condition every day, and she also got to talk to Eden every day, she still missed him dearly. Irene decided to go see Eden and hide from Edric for a few days. She would return to San Fetillo during her ovulation period. If she could get pregnant at that time, she would leave immediately

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