Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 106 Let Me Think About It

Chapter 106 Let Me Think About It

Joanne looked displeased too. "Nathan, you haven't been back for a few days. Grandma missed you very much. She had told the chef to make your favorite dishes just for you..." "I know, I will visit her tomorrow," Nathan answered and hung up. "Grandma, that Irene is so evil!" Joane's hatred for Irene could not be put into words. "She is using her son to hang onto Nathan, meanwhile she's fooling around with Jordan. Word also has it that she is still meeting her ex-husband. What on earth is she up to?" Britney was too fuming with anger. The relationship between Irene and Nathan had always been something she found intolerable. When she found out Irene was born from a poor family, she had opposed their relationship. However, she hadn't expected that Irene's father was actually Steven. If Irene had come clean about her identity earlier, Britney would not have been against their relationship. On the other hand, Irene would rather break up with Nathan than reveal her

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