Chapter 107 Suicide

...... Why had Malcom said all these things to Jordan? Most importantly, they were irrelevant. The only mistake she had made was marrying Malcom. She had already lost more than half of her life for that decision. Why did she still have to bear such humiliation? In front of her, Jordan was staring at her coldly as he waited for her answer. Lydia smiled sadly. "Why? That woman took my husband away. She took away Malcom from you and made me live a lonely life at such a young age... Why else do you think?" "That's a human life! Mom, how could you be so vicious and cruel?" bellowed Jordan. "Vicious? How dare you say I'm vicious?" Looking at Jordan, Lydia's eyes were brimming with tears. "Anyone else can call me vicious and cruel, but not you! You're my son, my own flesh and blood. I went through so much just to raise you. You can't say that about me!" "So just because you raised me, then I must forgive you for whatever you did, huh?" Jordan growled

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