Chapter 108 Kidnap

After some thought, Britney decided to invite Irene out to meet at a cafe. Irene had arrived twenty minutes earlier. Meanwhile, Britney was very punctual; she arrived right on the dot. This was the first time Britney was meeting Irene again after nine years. Irene's appearance was still the same as that of nine years ago, as beautiful as always. Her beauty attracted the attention of all the customers in the cafe. Britney walked over and sat opposite Irene. Irene smiled politely at Britney and asked, "What do you fancy?" "Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee!" Britney replied. The waiter quickly brought over the coffee. After stirring the coffee with a spoon for a long time, Britney stopped and said to Irene, "You are much thinner than before." Irene smiled faintly and did not speak. Britney didn't mind Irene's silence. She sighed softly and added, "Time flies! In a blink of an eye, it's been nine years!" Irene understood what Britney meant. She

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