Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 112 Hard Time Sleeping That Night

Chapter 112 Hard Time Sleeping That Night

After Edric drove Monica out, she called Irene, "The person drove me out." Irene had expected that Edric would kick Monica out. That night, she was merely using this method to disgust him. Hearing Monica's words, Irene smiled at the thought of Edric being furious. Edric had mysophobia, so he would have a hard time sleeping that night, right? Irene was gloating in her heart when Maisy came to knock on the door. "Irene, someone called just now and said that something had happened to your uncle. He asked you to go and have a look quickly!" When Irene heard that, she picked up her purse and ran out immediately. When Irene was about to hail a taxi by the road, a car suddenly rushed out and stopped in front of her. Seeing Edric, Irene instantly realized that she was fooled. Under Edric's gaze, she got on the car. Edric stared at her sinisterly for a few minutes before hissing, "Irene, how dare you?!" "Why did you say that, Mr. Myers?" Irene looked at him fe

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