Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 113 There Will Be Some Changes

Chapter 113 There Will Be Some Changes

Marie invited Margaret out for dinner that night. During the dinner, Marie asked about Edric and Lily, "When will Edric and Lily get married?" "Don't mention it!" Margaret sighed. "I'm afraid there will be some changes in this matter." "Changes?" Marie's heart sank. "You adore Lily the most, don't you?"  Margaret put down the fork and told Marie about what happened to Irene. She concluded, "Since Irene knows that she is Steven's daughter, why doesn't she admit her identity? Yet after seeing Lily and Edric got engaged, she came back and even moved into the Cook family. What do you think she's up to?" "What else can it be? Of course, she wants to make Edric and Lily feel pent up!" Marie answered. "The person who feels pent up now it's me!" Margaret whined. Since she took Marie as a friend, she didn't hide anything from Marie. "I used to like Lily, but now I really feel uncomfortable when I see her. You know that I hate paramours the most, but I've actua

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