Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 114 Up To His Neck

Chapter 114 Up To His Neck

Irene's ovulation period was coming soon. She had never looked forward to Edric's phone call as much as she was now, but things went contrary to her wishes as he seemed to disappear all of a sudden and never called her again. Instead of Edric's, she received a strange phone call. It turned out that a company was impressed with her resume and requested her to attend an interview. The company that Irene applied to was called the Cloudboat Company. It was quite famous in San Fetillo. Irene didn't have much hope when she applied for the job, but to her surprise, she was accepted. Irene was delighted when she got this job. She called Kinsey and told her about the good news. After listening to her, Kinsey was happy for her too and offered to treat Irene to dinner for celebration. However, Irene refused Kinsey as she was the one who was supposed to treat Kinsey since this was a joyful event for herself. When Kinsey knocked off work at night, Irene went to the restaurant w

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