Chapter 115 Sober Up

Wilson had broken out into a cold sweat. "Mr. Myers, Miss Nelson is talking nonsense as she's drunk. Please don't take it to heart," Wilson apologized to Edric on Irene's behalf. "She's drunk, right? Since she's drunk, I'll take her to go sober up," Edric said as he put down the glass in his hand and rose from his seat. Before Irene could react, he grabbed her hand and marched out of the private room under the shocked gazes of the people around them. "D*mn woman, how dare she say that I can't last long? It seems that I must teach her a lesson," Edric thought. Edric covered Irene's mouth and pulled her away from the room they were at. Due to the great disparity in their physical strengths, Irene could not break free of his grip. He eventually dragged her into the elevator. After entering the elevator, Edric let go of the hand covering her mouth. Irene stared at him and asked, "Edric, what on earth are you doing?" "Didn't you say that I only last

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