Chapter 117 Act Out

Finally, their intimate conversation came to an end. Their car stopped outside the entrance of the Mexican restaurant. "It's quite a small restaurant, but the food here is really authentic." Edric pushed the door open and got out of the car, as he said to her, "I have eaten here twice. It's really delicious." Irene followed Edric without saying a word. Edric was obviously a frequent guest here. When the owner of the restaurant saw Edric, he immediately came over and greeted Edric with open arms. Soon, they were taken to the VIP room. The waiter brought over two starters. It was nachos and salsa. Edric picked up a piece and dipped it in the salsa as he looked at Irene. "Try this. This place has the best salsa I've ever had." Irene looked at him holding the nacho up to her mouth and sneered in her heart. Best nachos? For someone as rich as Edric, eating nachos and salsa occasionally was considered a delicacy. But to her, they were just an ordinary dish.

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