Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 118 Can't You Talk Nicely?

Chapter 118 Can't You Talk Nicely?

It was a reminder for Edric when he had kicked her out and taken back all the jewelry he had given her. Edric's face suddenly sank. "Irene, can't you just talk nicely?" "I'm sorry. I'll be quiet. I shouldn't have offended you! Your Excellency, please forgive my insolence!" Irene lowered her head pitifully. When he heard her sarcastic remark, Edric couldn't take it anymore. He pointed to the bracelet and said, "Irene, don't forget your place here. If I ask you to wear it, you have to do as I say. Otherwise..." Edric didn't manage to finish his line before Irene got off his lap. "Otherwise what, Mr. Myers? Will you end our relationship as lovers?" Irene's round beautiful eyes were twinkling with ridicule and disdain. Edric was so enraged that he could not get a word out of his lips. But honestly, what could he use to threaten her? Irene was not the one begging to be his lover. It was Edric who threatened her to be one. She didn't want to at all. Except

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