Chapter 120 Discovery

Thomas didn't know that Irene had changed jobs. When Irene went to visit him that day, it suddenly came to mind that he hadn't seen Jordan in a while. Therefore, he asked Irene, "Why haven't I seen Jordan around recently?" Irene fell silent for a moment before answering, "Uncle Thomas, Jordan is engaged. I also quit my job and found a new one." "When did this happen?" Thomas asked in surprise. "It's been a few days," Irene answered. "That b*stard! Like father, like son! They're both b*stards!" Enraged, Thomas cursed at Jordan. Thomas had initially thought that Jordan was worthy of Irene, as someone who would protect her all her life. But, he didn't expect that he would be so wrong. The situation now was exactly the same as Malcom and Myra's. Myra was left waiting for Malcom, who married Lydia without any warning nor explanation. "Don't blame him. I'm the one to blame! It's my fault!" Irene smiled bitterly and filled Thomas in on what had happen

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