Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 121 Thorns in Her Side

Chapter 121 Thorns in Her Side

"You're asking me what I mean? I've already made a three-year commitment to Joanne. If she still insists on marrying me after three years of our engagement, I will marry her, but you have to make it clear to Joanne that your current life is an exact portrayal of her future!" After saying that, Jordan left right away. Lydia was frozen on the spot! She knew best what kind of life she had experienced for all these years. It was difficult to think of a young and beautiful woman like Joanne wasting away her youth, just like Lydia. Malcolm was truly scum. Not only did he abandon his child, but he had also passed on the stupid, useless trait of blind faithfulness to Jordan she had painstakingly raised. Jordan angrily left Lydia's yard and returned to the mansion. As he was in a bad mood, he did not go and see Pedro. Instead, he went straight to the airport, ready to depart for San Fetillo. On the way, he suddenly recalled something—according to Lydia, Myra was meeting someone in

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