Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 122 Same Old Trick

Chapter 122 Same Old Trick

When they returned to the Chandelle Valley in the evening, Edric, who had been teased by Irene the previous day, did not prepare ingredients to cook dinner again. Instead, he took Irene to San Fetillo Hotel, where they had been before. Irene enjoyed the meal very much as the food there was her favorite. After returning to the villa, she went to the bathroom to have another test when Edric was dealing with business in the study. She found that the color was still the same as that in the morning, which indicated her ovulation period would be in these few days. This showed that Irene should start having sex with Edric. Though, she always felt uncomfortable about it. "I'm going all out for Eden! If Edric asks for it, I won't refuse him tonight!" Irene thought as if she swore. Irene was mentally prepared, but Edric was busy dealing with business in the study. She fell asleep later. Anyway, it was not her exact ovulation period yet. Hence, she did not have to seduce him.

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