Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 123 Worried And Frightened

Chapter 123 Worried And Frightened

Jordan and Edric quickly arrived at the hospital with Irene. The doctor gave Irene emergency treatment right away. After the treatment, Irene was sent to the ward. The doctor told them that she had no serious problem and would be fine after some rest. Hearing the doctor's words, Jordan and Edric looked at each other, and both heaved a sigh of relief. After Irene rushed out of the office, she went on a bus in a daze. The bus continued to drive forward, and she sat on her seat blankly until she was the only passenger left on the bus. The night fell, and the scenery outside the window turned into a complete black. When the bus driver announced that they had arrived at the terminal station, Irene stood up at once. The bus driver opened the door, and she got out of the bus slowly. She felt chilly as the evening breeze blew on her. She stared at the dark sky blankly, and there was a salty scent in the air. Realizing that she was not far from the beach now, Irene s

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