Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 124 Not Letting Her Tell The Truth

Chapter 124 Not Letting Her Tell The Truth

Deborah was sneering as she looked at the comments on the Internet with Lily. "Although Irene's image has been ruined now, Edric must have a knot about you in his stomach. The most important thing now is that we should let him be suspicious about you. Call Edric immediately and tell him that you'll reveal your relationship with Irene to everyone." "How should I do that?" Lily asked. "Tell Edric that you want to disclose the news that Irene is your sister to defend Irene," told Deborah. "Mom, Dad will definitely not agree to this." Lily did not think that was a good idea. "Of course, he won't, but it doesn't matter. Just tell Edric and see how he will answer." Deborah had her own plan.  "Mom, is this really okay? If Edric really agrees to it, what should we do?" Lily stared at Deborah. "Then we should do what we say! If Edric agrees to let you announce the relationship between you and Irene to the public, Irene is his sister-in-law by then. In t

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