Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 125 Not Admit It No Matter What Happened

Chapter 125 Not Admit It No Matter What Happened

Lily left Edric alone sensibly, albeit feeling rather uneasy. Edric didn't seem to be angry at all; instead, he was treating her as usual. Did he believe her that she was innocent or otherwise? When she returned home, she told Deborah everything that happened a while ago. Deborah revealed a disparaging smile. "It doesn't matter if he believes it or not. Remember that you should not admit it no matter what happened. Your father will be back soon." "Mom, Dad has always been favoring Irene over me. If he knew this, he would definitely blame me," Lily groaned worriedly. "Don't worry. There will be a good show awaiting him when he comes back!" Steven came back from San Fetillo in the afternoon. His face looked as dark as the thunderstorm when he entered the house. Deborah and Lily were on pins and needles so not to irritate Steven. Deborah was highly experienced and her expression looked as if nothing had happened. Lily, on the other hand, had been like a cat on

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