Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 127 Never Ever Let Her Down

Chapter 127 Never Ever Let Her Down

Jordan was implying that Lily and Deborah were the ones who self-directed the whole thing. Irene didn't believe it. Although she hated them very much, she wasn't convinced that they would commit such a thing for it would very likely end up shooting their own feet. After all, they were gambling with their reputations. She returned to Thomas' place with a heavy heart. When Thomas saw her face that was plastered with anxiety, he recalled that Edric and Jordan were looking for her all over the place earlier that day. Thomas had been worried about her throughout the day, for fear that something would happen to her. Later, Jordan called Thomas and told the latter that Irene had gone on a business trip. Soon after that, when Thomas finally reached Irene, what she told him was the same as Jordan. Although Thomas didn't quite believe it, he decided not to question the authenticity of their statements. It was not until he saw the evening news that he realized that things had

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