Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 128 Denied The Affair

Chapter 128 Denied The Affair

Irene could imagine how Margaret would react to Edric's action. She would definitely be furious. She assumed that Margaret would be ruining the furniture and making a mess at her own home now. Irene's guess was accurate. Margaret saw Edric's interview and smashed all the things in her house into pieces. She called Edric and asked him to come back quickly to explain to her. On the other side, Lily and Deborah were so vexed after watching the show. It was beyond Lily and Deborah's expectation that Edric would shape Lily into such a person. Deborah only thought that Edric and Margaret would sympathize with Lily more because Lily's reputation was tarnished, and they would take her side as they were bashed too in this incident. It never crossed her mind that Edric would pull out such a card. When Lily approached Edric, she played the same trick. Edric was now using her own ploy. How ironic it was. Looking at the host praising her kindness, Lily was distrau

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