Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 129 She Would Never Trust Him Again

Chapter 129 She Would Never Trust Him Again

"Whoa, that's amusing! The baby must be from the Storks!" Irene sneered. "Is sexual intercourse the only way that a child can be conceived?" Edric retorted. "There are many ways to get pregnant." "Do you mean artificial insemination?" Irene looked at Edric in surprise. Edric nodded and said, "Yes, and it's not even my sperm!" Irene's eyes widened. "How is this possible?" "At that time, my mother forced me to divorce you. I had no choice. I wanted to give her a grandson for the sake of my family. I asked John to get sperm from a sperm bank." "Impossible!" Irene did not believe it at all. "Are you lying? Edric, do you think that there's no way for me to investigate all this, and that's why you lied?" "I didn't. Irene, I have never touched Lily. At that time, I had no choice but to divorce you. My mother threatened me with her life. You know that! Thus, I forced you to sign that contract. I thought you would not sign it, but you left the ci

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