Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 132 Nothing Remains Unchanged

Chapter 132 Nothing Remains Unchanged

Edric had always felt very guilty towards Lily. As a matter of fact, he felt that Margaret was the one responsible for putting Lily in such a state. Lily had such a bright future ahead of her but she was sucked into this whole predicament.  After finding out that Steven and Deborah were behind all these, he felt even more sorry for Lily. His guilt towards Lily reached its peak after Marie told him about Lily and her infertility. Edric then decided to get engaged with Lily although his choice would put Irene in misery.  For starters, he felt indebted to Lily. Though he didn't love her one bit, Lily had always seemed kind and gentle. He never expected Lily would do such a thing to Irene. He was not a fool. He knew that Freya was the mastermind behind all this. Edric lamented himself for making such a huge mistake. Because of whatever things he did to Irene, he had to end the relationship with Lily. Edric didn't completely blame Lily. He was still Lily's

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