Chapter 133 The Past

Myra and Thomas lived a hard life and were often abused physically by the people who took care of them. After their caretakers died of an accident, Myra and Thomas became orphans. When Dania received the news, she sent someone to pick them both up but Myra refused. Dania didn't know what the Nelson family had been telling Myra that caused Myra to hate her so much. Myra claimed that she didn't have such a shameless mother. Myra was confident in her own abilities to raise Thomas and herself well. As a result, Dania had been living in guilt and pain. Later, Yohannes suggested that one of their servants adopted Myra and Thomas as a deed of kindness. That way, both of them would be able to get a good education. Myra's grades were very good from primary school all the way until college. Thomas on the other hand had no interest in studying. He did not graduate from middle school; instead, he chose to homeschool. When Myra was in college, she was the campus belle. She had

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