Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 134 The Past (II)

Chapter 134 The Past (II)

After that,Marie left San Fetillo and went to Alsburg City. After more than ten years of hard work, she became a famous specialist. But this was not the life she wanted. If it wasn't for Steven and Myra, she would not have gotten into such a situation. She would be living lavishly with Malcom as his rich wife instead of being just a doctor. Although she was well-known in the medical world, she was nothing compared to those ladies living in rich families. If that incident hadn't happened, would she be in this situation? She hated both Myra and Steven even more now. During Marie's time as a famous doctor in Alsburg city, Steven also got transferred over to the city as a politician. Marie was genuinely happy to see how well her daughter was doing, apart from having such a horrible father of course. If truth be told, she hadn't any ill intention towards Irene. It was Irene who chose to fall in love with Edric that Lily was in love with first. Irene's behavior was as sh

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