Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 136 To Each His Own

Chapter 136 To Each His Own

Later that night, Edric came home a little earlier than usual. He had lots of questions to ask Irene but didn't know where to start. Dania remarried Yohannes. Although Dave was not related to Irene by blood, he was her uncle by lineage regardless. Edric was upset to think how little he knew about Irene, even though they had been married for a good five years. Edric did inquire Irene about her family before the marriage. She claimed that her parents had passed away and she was left with only one uncle. At that, he did not have the slightest doubt. But even so, he didn't blame Irene for not telling the truth. Back then to him, going back home only meant spending some alone time with Irene. He didn't care what she was thinking. Married with such an incompetent husband, it was no wonder that Irene kept all her thoughts to herself. Edric dwelled in his own melancholy for a long time. Finally, after dinner, while strolling around the area with Irene, he tentatively began

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