Chapter 137 No Shame

Edric had fallen asleep, but Irene was quietly contemplating something on her mind. Why did Edric throw her such a weird question that night? Why would he suddenly ask about Myra? What was he trying to find out? Or did he already figure something out? Since Irene could remember, Myra had always been very reluctant to talk about Dania. She would just brush the topic off and tell Irene that Dania had died. But if that was so, why was there no grave of Dania? Was Myra lying? Was Danie not actually dead? Did Edric find something out, and was that why he came to ask Irene about it? But what was the relationship between this matter and Edric? When Myra died, the only family Irene had left with was Thomas. He was the only one who knew about all this. Irene decided that she had to go back to check with Thomas. The next day, Irene returned to Thomas' residence. She chatted with him briefly before quickly inserting her question, "Uncle Thomas, I have a question to ask you. D

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