Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 141 We Have Our Own Way Around

Chapter 141 We Have Our Own Way Around

For the past few days, all Rowane could think about was Marie. Eventually, she decided not to tell Edric that she knew Marie just as she had been instructed. After finding out that Marie wasn't Rowane's mother, Edric even comforted Rowane and promised to help find her mother. Rowane felt uneasy about lying to Edric about the entire situation. She was never one to lie and cheat, so hiding something like this made her very uncomfortable. Unexpectedly, Marie came to look for her one day. Marie mentioned that she felt guilty for not being a responsible mother for so many years. Now that Marie was rich, she wanted to do right by Rowane and sponsor her studies abroad. To study abroad was a dream to many; naturally, Rowane was tempted by Marie's offer. When Marie saw that Rowane's eyes lit up at her proposal, Marie stated that she would arrange for everything right away. Marie told Rowane to resign from her position at Edric's company immediately, but Rowane was a

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