Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 142 Don't You Dare Cross The Line

Chapter 142 Don't You Dare Cross The Line

Clearly, Irene meant to point out the fact that Rowane was just one of Edric's 'customers'. Upon hearing this, Rowane's face suddenly turned red. "Irene, don't you dare cross the line!" "I'm crossing the line? I don't think so!" Irene spread her hands up, feigning an innocent look. "I'll have you know that our relationship is purely friendship. You won't be able to point any fingers at us!" barked Rowane. "Whether you two are truly friends or not has nothing to do with me. I'm not interested. If you don't wish to embarrass yourself, then don't use Edric as an excuse to look for me. I hate busybodies. As far as I know, you're nobody to Edric, so please don't get yourself involved in others' businesses." "Do... Do you think I want to see that face of yours for nothing? If you hadn't hurt Edric so much, I wouldn't even dream of doing this," Rowane spat back at Irene. "Hurt Edric?" Irene was amused when she heard these words. It was obvious that Rowane co

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