Chapter 146 Check-up

Jordan followed Irene's gaze to look over and saw Edric and Rowane too. A sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth. "Edric was trying to own more than one woman, wasn't he? He wanted to get back with Irene while he was still enamored of his little lover! However, Edric must have not expected that they would bump into each other this evening. What a coincidence! Jordan took a glance at Irene and found that Irene's countenance fell in an instant. She put down the fork and spoon in her hand and said, "I'm full!" "I'm full too. Let's go!" Jordan left with Irene thoughtfully. Along the way, Irene kept a gloomy face. Although she was silent, Jordan knew that she had already made up her mind about Edric. Jordan estimated that it would be curtains for Edric this time. Rowane said that she would leave the day after the next day. Hence, she invited Edric out for dinner to express her gratitude for his care over the years. The most crucial reason for Edric to accept R

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