Chapter 147 Pregnant

"Isn't that Lily's voice?" Irene thought. She turned her head a little and saw Lily and Deborah come in through another door in sunglasses. "We don't have to line up if we come early," Deborah replied. "Come at night if you are afraid of lining up. Madam Walker is here anyway. Why do we have to come so early?" Lily replied with displeasure. She returned home at midnight, but Deborah still dragged her out to have a check-up early the next morning, hence disturbing her sweet slumber. Lily was irked. "Let's have an examination first. It's better to settle this matter sooner, idiot!" Deborah chided as she grabbed Lily's hand and hurried upstairs. They were in a hurry that they did not see Irene, who was standing next to the bulletin board. Irene heard their conversation clearly. "Madam Walker? Marie is a specialist in this hospital. Are they referring to Marie?" she wondered. "Lily called her Madam Walker, as if they are close to each other. Is Marie an a

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