Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 148 Britney White No Longer Opposes Them

Chapter 148 Britney White No Longer Opposes Them

They drove back to the White family. When they entered the mansion, they saw Britney and Joanne sitting in the living room. Irene instantly felt a little awkward. In fact, she did not expect Nathan to bring her to the White family directly. "Hello, Madam Britney, Miss White," Irene greeted them and glanced at Nathan rigidly.  Britney stood up and sized Irene up. With a faint smile, she said, "Eden, come here and let me have a look at you." Just when Irene thought she would be nagged by Britney for meeting Nathan, Britney bent down and waved to Eden. "Nice meeting you, Grandma!" Eden called as he ran over happily. Joanne stood up and smiled, "Nathan, Grandma said that we have to wait for you all to come back and have dinner together. I'm famished!" Joanne giggled as she walked towards the dining table. After the meal, Britney brought Irene to her room. She took out a glass box and Irene opened it slowly. There was a fine-quality emerald r

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