Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 149 He Is Your Child

Chapter 149 He Is Your Child

Edric did not speak. It did not matter whose child Eden was. What mattered to him most was Irene. She had agreed to Nathan's marriage proposal after leaving him behind in San Fetillo! Edric was heartbroken. "Edric, Eden is your son!" Joanne said. "Nonsense!" Edric was stupefied. He had instructed John to investigate Eden's identity in the past. Joanne must be talking nonsense. "I'm not! Eden is indeed your son." Joanne's voice was very clear. "I heard Grandma and Nathan said that with my own ears. It can't be wrong!" Edric almost dropped his phone. After a long pause, he finally asked, "How is it possible?" Joanne scoffed. She could imagine how surprised Edric must be right now. "Irene was already pregnant with your child when both of you underwent divorce. She hated you for being so cruel; hence, she didn't tell you that. Eden was sick, that was why she came back to San Fetillo this time. Her purpose was to save him by having another child wit

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