Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 150 What Rights Do You Have?

Chapter 150 What Rights Do You Have?

"Edric, can you use that little brain of yours and think?" Irene asked. "What rights do you have to make such a decision?"  "Because I am Eden's biological father!" Edric answered, nearly as loud as a bellow. "Father? How dare you say that? Don't you remember that you were the one who kicked me out of the house that year? From the moment you divorced me and left me, Eden and I have severed all our ties with you!" Irene retorted. "Irene, I've already explained what happened that year to you. It was never my intention to leave you!" Edric yelled. He clenched his fists, the veins on his forearms visible. For him, what happened those years left nothing but pain. He hadn't felt a moment of ease since what happened then. "Yes, you have your own reasons and excuses, but so what? Does it mean that I should forgive you? Does the law pardon a murderer if he has a valid reason to commit that crime?" Irene questioned, no longer controlling her emotions. "Irene, I

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