Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 153 Interrogation

Chapter 153 Interrogation

Hearing Joanne's name, Jordan was seething with fury. Unable to take in any of the sarcasm that Edric had thrown him, Jordan finally understood how Edric went to Mencodia. It turned out that Joanne had disclosed Eden's identity to Edric. Edric went to Mencodia not only to get Irene back, but also to meet Eden. Jordan knew very well that the reason for the divorce between Irene and Edric was that Irene couldn't give birth to the Myers family. Margaret had wanted a grandson so badly that she did not mind forcing Edric to divorce Irene. Now that Edric had realized that Eden was his son, he would definitely not allow Irene to marry Nathan. Certainly, he would make sure to have both Eden and Irene back. He might even go to great lengths to stop the marriage between Nathan and Irene. Even if Irene insisted on marrying Nathan, Edric would, too, fight with Irene for Eden's custody. With the influence of the Myers family in San Fetillo, Irene stood no chance against Edric a

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