Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 154 You're A Grandmother

Chapter 154 You're A Grandmother

Right when Margaret called Edric, Edric was ringing her up as well. He was clearly aware of why Irene did not want him to meet Eden and why she was reluctant to remarry him. On one hand, it was because she misunderstood him and believed that there was still something going on between him and Lily. On other hand, it was because of Margaret's attitude towards her. For the former, he could prove to Irene with his actions that he would never have any connection with Lily anymore. As for Margaret, he supposed that her attitude towards Irene could be changed. The main reason why Margaret treated Irene badly in the past was that Irene could not bear children. Now that Irene had given birth to Eden for the Myers family—or in other words, she had brought them a successor—Margaret would probably stop giving Irene a hard time. With this thought in mind, Edric took out his phone and called Margaret. Unexpectedly, Margaret was also calling him at that moment; hence, he w

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