Chapter 155 A Fight

Margaret heard Irene's voice and immediately turned her head around. She chuckled evilly. "Well, well, look who it is..." Her gaze intensified as she looked over to Eden who was sleeping in Nathan's arms. Before Edric had mentioned it, she would never have imagined that Eden was related to her. But after listening to what Edric had said, she realized the child in front of her looked just like a young Edric. She couldn't help but walk over and reach out to stroke Eden's head. Nathan dodged to one side and looked at her warily. "Mrs. Myers, what were you trying to do?" "Is this boy my grandson?" Margaret felt a twinge of upset that she had not managed to touch Eden, but her sadness was soon washed away, replaced by excitement. "Mrs. Myers, you're mistaken. This is my son, not your grandson!" Irene walked up to them, her face taut. She might be patient with Edric, but Margaret… was the last person on earth that she wanted to see. "You..." Margaret's face

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