Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 157 She Refused To Be Pushed Around

Chapter 157 She Refused To Be Pushed Around

Frightened, Margaret stopped talking at once. Edric slammed down his fist on the table a couple more times. At the sight of this, Margaret's heart ached and she quickly went to his side to stop him. "Edric, don't do this!" Edric looked at Margaret with bloodshot eyes. "Mom, if you really care about me, please return to Haverland immediately. With Eden's condition now, I don't want you to disturb them. Irene and I will find a way to cure him!" "How do you plan on doing so? Leukemia is no flu or fever. How can I not worry?" asked Margaret, unwilling to leave. "I've already found a way. We could get him a bone marrow transplant. Irene is pregnant. When the child is born, we could transplant parts of his bone marrow to Eden." "Irene is pregnant again? Is it yours?" Margaret squealed, aghast. She was already surprised to find out about Eden; yet now, she was about to have another grandchild again. She didn't know how to react to this shocking news. "Yes, i

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