Chapter 158 Sucking Up

When Irene returned to the hospital, she saw that Edric was playing with Eden in the ward. It was such a happy, blissful scene. Eden couldn't help but get excited when he saw Irene had arrived. "Mom! Edric said that when I get discharged, he'll take me boating at the park. Can you come with us?" "Sure." Irene didn't want to disappoint Eden, hence she decided to play along with it. "Edric also said that he would give me a toy boat that can shoot water! Next time I'll be able to play with my toy boat in the pool." Irene gazed at Edric with a blank expression. Edric was clearly trying to bribe Eden by giving him toys, but Irene would not let him get his way. "Eden, have you forgotten what I told you? If you like a toy, you can ask me to buy it for you. But you're not allowed to take things from strangers." "But Edric said that's a limited edition toy, most people won't be able to get it." Eden pouted. "If I can't buy it, you can ask Nathan to buy it for you. Un

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